Saturday, October 6, 2012

Autumn Giveaway of Francesca Quatraro...

Hello, again. You know that the Bible says to "encourage yourself daily"? Well, I have been working at just that. There is an Italian artist, Francesca Quatraro, who draws lovely art, mostly sweet children with family or friends, or enjoying simple things in life. She is having a giveaway that makes me smile, and so I thought I would share it with you. I hope you like it... The giveaway includes a calendar, a notebook, and some note cards. The last day for the giveaway is October 11, and she said that the she will announce the winner between th 12th and the 13th. Rules for participating: 1. Post the giveaway on your own blog or Facebook page, along with a couple of sentences explaining it and her work. 2. Leave a comment on her blog post along with the link to where you linked her, along with your email address. 3. (in her words... translated to English) Cross your fingers and toes. It has worked for some. To participate, click HERE!! Hoping I can post some of my works soon, and that you are well... Celita

Friday, July 27, 2012

Decor To Adore Post on... Underneath It All...

Hi, all... I know I just posted a catch-up post, but since I was still on, I thought I would share this post from my friend Laura over at Decor To Adore... The post is called "Underneath It All~ Secrets On How To Have Less Laundry"... She says... "I cut down on my laundry by following a few “how to’s and queues” from Europeans." I know she has spent a few years in Europe, so her tips, comments, and ideas are certainly based on what she has experienced. You may find it interesting. You can find the post HERE... And, if for some reason that does not work just put this address in your browser... By the way, you may want to browse her blog. It is such fun! Well, here is hoping to getting back here soon!! Ciao! Celita

Summer Catch Up

Hello! What a crazy summer we have had so far. Shocking how quickly it is passing us by. Have not accomplished nearly enough in the way of crafts with my kids or for me, as we have, sadly and overwhelmingly, dealt with various illness since the very day school let out. Disappointing, I suppose, but we are trying to make up for lost time since it appears we are having a break. I hope to post about a bunch of different projects soon. Yay!! I just wanted to make sure I let you know that I changed one simple thing on my account and it messed some things up a bit... Trying to get it all sorted out... Hope you are well, in the meantime. Be safe, and God bless you... celita