Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some Neat Festival Things Over At The Italian Dyes...

Since I posted a little while ago about the "Castagna" festival near us, and since we ended up not taking pictures of the one to which we did visit, I thought I would share a post from the daughter of some friends of ours. Apparently, in the town near them they had a Castagna-ish/ autumn-ish festival, and theirs included not just chestnuts, but a HONEY vendor. There are some really neat pictures which will give you an idea of what their visit to the festival was like. Please DO take a look. You will like it, I guarantee it. :-) Click HERE to see what I mean!

And, if that is not cool enough, my friend, Middle Missie's mom, shared a really neat post regarding a Living Nativity Scene (Presepe Vivente) that sounded really interesting. I have never seen one here myself, so this was quite a treat for me, too. I loved all of the pictures she posted, and I just knew that you would appreciate it as well!! Click HERE to see more on that.


  1. May I say....I LOVE the title of your blog (and, everything else)! Hugs! LaDonna : D

  2. Thank you, , La Donna!!! Thank you for stopping by and choosing to follow me!!! Blessings!