Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Book Giveaway 2011...

I cannot pass up reading material that is free and seems interesting and worthy of making a home in our library. So, I give you, this book giveaway... from Italy.

Click HERE to find out more about La Pesca Di Natale 2011!!!

Three winners! The first winner will recieve 3 books. Can you feel my excitement now?? The second will receive two and the third winner will recieve one book. Not too shabby.

Come lo scorso anno, anche per il 2011 i libri in palio sono 6, che andranno: 3 al primo, 2 al secondo, 1 al terzo.

The books are called/ I libri ci sono:

"Due scimmie in cucina" put out by Topipittori

"Inseguendo Degas" put out by Kite Edizioni

"Papà Famondo" put out by Carthusia

"Stan e Mabel" put out by Lapis

"Il giorno in cui la mucca…" put out by Or.Acerbo

"E per colazione?" put out by Sinnos

Per partecipare c’è tempo fino alla mezzanotte del 23 dicembre.
I vincitori verranno annunciati la mattina del 24 dicembre.

To participate you have until midnight on December 23rd. Theh winners will be announced on December 24th.

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