Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Woh! Information Overload!...

Image from my friend, Anne's, blog called The Italian Dyes: Based On A True Story. Click on her name to read about her adventures in living in Italy. This pictures made me giggle. I kind of thought that maybe they gave so much information on this roll of toilet paper in case you had nothing to read in your "spare" time. Like saying, "Rest assured, friends. This roll from your toilet paper is eco friendly. Just know that if, per chance, you have to use an outhouse, in a million years, this roll will NOT be there." Not sure, but... it is interesting in an odd way.

It is funny to me that each of my friends who also live here have some very different experiences than I. Anne has a lovely family, a sweet sense of humor, and shares lots of snapshots of their lives through words and photographs. Enjoy!!

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