Saturday, October 29, 2011

November 29, 2011- La Festa Della Castagna... Part 2...

I have been finding such cute things to share regarding the castagna that I just thought need to be shared. My kids thought this one was a lot of fun. :-)

HERE You will find a nice little selection of proverbs (proverbs or quotes which, to be honest, are not very encouraging), indovinelli (riddles), e conte (like rhymes or poems)...

I liked this one which explains why the castagna sometimes grows big: "L'acqua d'autunno fa grossa la castagna." That means "The waters of autumn make the chestnuts grow big." More or less.)

Here is the poem/riddle I memorized with my kids as I was helping THEM to try to memorize it. Hahahah...

Indovinello (title)

Son piccina e rotondetta (I am small and round)
Son dolcina, son moretta (I am sweet and brown)
Son di razza montanina (I am a mountain thing)
dell' autunno son reggina (I am the queen of autumn)
Son dei bimbi (I am a thing of children)
la cuccagna (um... not sure...)
E mi chiamo... (and I am?...)
La castagna. (The chestnut.)

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  1. Hi! In Barcelona, we also celebrate "la Castanyada", I guess it must be a very similar festival to the one in Italy :)