Saturday, June 4, 2011

Southern Italy Also Sells Some Things In Bulk...

We know about Sam's Club or other such stores where it is easy to buy in bulk. It is a popular thing in the States, and it is sure helpful for party planning and picnics and the like, but here in Italy, it is not common to find so much bulk in one place. Every once in a while I come across an image that I just have to capture in a photo.

Bulk Size... Broom Handle?...:

Bulk Croissant (Briosce= Bree-oh-she)...taken in September 2010 when my parents came:

Bulk Bread (Pane= pah-ne...):

Bulk Tuna Fish In A Can (Tonno= Toh-sick to the top of mouth n-oh:

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  1. We have noticed a lack of bulk selling here too! Eric thinks it is because they have smaller family sizes. If you only have one kid what would ever do with so much food??! Our family eats it up! Haha!