Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pizza Box (and other food and product advertising) Art...

I have a thing for taking pictures of pizza box art and other food advertisements here in Italy. Not all are worth sharing, and those I did not capture in photos; but I have taken several pictures throughout the years that I will show you as I find the pictures. This is a view of life in Italy that I do not think most people would think to share, but I hope you enjoy my quirkiness as expressed by these images. :-)

More or less says, Let yourself be conquered by the great tastes of Burger King.

When you come in, say hello. When you leave, mind your own business.

Hilarious!! Tom Cruise, George Clooney, And Brad Pitt...

I did not know that Betty Boop was Latina? ;-)

This means, "Beware of Dog... Owner... And All the family." (too funny!!) We saw this one a friend's neighbor's gate.

Found this discarded cigarette box. Thought it worth sharing for its ironic content. First, the cigarettes are called "Black Devil". If that is not bad enough...

"Il fumo uccide" means, "smoking kills." True, but I think the clincher for most people would be this one...

"Il fumo invecchia la pelle" means, "smoking ages your skin."

All that to to say... Don't smoke, it is bad for your health. The ads say so, even though they are controversial in their everyday pull-people to vs. push-people away.

This pizza box has some famous Italian people, including Totò who is the bottom character.

This is one for the Macelleria (Ma-che-le-ree-ah) A.K.A the butcher shop. I thought it was disgusting, yet interesting. Hence the photo...


  1. Omg! Ive been looking all over to see if I could find pictures of the the pizza boxes I've seen in Naples! This is great! I wish there were high quality ones. Nice post

  2. Where can I buy those Betty Boop shoes??? I LOVE THEM!! :)