Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Packing Checklist For Kids by mammagiramondo...

When preparing for un viaggio (a trip), how do you know what to pack? Well, I usually do that for our famiglia (family), at this time, but there may come a time when my bambini (kids) will help with that.

I found these check lists over at mammagiramondo, and I thought this was a simple way to show a kid the basics that need to fit into that small, zippered valigia (suitcase).

While it is not exact, it is a great way to fit in some vocabulario (vocabulary) learning. Each clipart picture is labeled with the word that belongs to it. It is all practical stuff that would be helpful to know.

I might have to actually go and study this list. ;-) No... really.

Per Femminucce (girls):

Per Maschietti (boys):

She made these checklists from clipart she gathered at artvex and clipart-free.

Great idea, isn't it? Seems like an easy way to make our own visual vocabulary lists.

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