Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Out On the Language Field... Language Wars?...

It is funny how, in this blog world, one may not be able to "meet" others face to face. It is an invisible relationship, but, I do not discount it and say it is unreal. I am just stating that it is a little harder to "see" the warning signs of disagreements or confrontation without truly seeing the physical evidence on a face or heard in a voice.

I am catching glimpses of different parents- and professionals in medicine- in mini "language wars". Charging in, as if we are all at different booths at a convention. Stopping by each booth, they have remarks to share to others who may not be doing things as they do. The "my way or the highway" attitude getting them nowhere with me, but... makes me ache for a leisurely stroll, relaxed and pleasant to chat, observe, and learn together, instead.

I am able to be as nervous and anxious as any other parent out there. I am, and have, stressed that my kids are not learning at the pace they need to, grasping the info to the extent they are supposed to, etc... I want them to excel. Though, I also want them to ENJOY learning. I want them to have a taste of what fun this language journey can be, so they will take initiative and learn because they WANT to at some point. Of course, there will be moments I will have to spur them on because they may be discouraged, tired, or bored, but... In general, I don't want my kids to feel stressed out, frazzled and seeing this quest into languages as a burden. And, I certainly don't want to battle it out with other parents and adults. I want to respect what each is doing for his or her family and know that she feels she is doing her best. I know I can learn some things from you, but I also know that perhaps I can also share some interesting things with you, too. I am doing my best. It is not someone else's best, it is mine.

We are all different. We all have particular talents we can share with our kids. We have particular ways of teaching, approaching, learning, but... I think that is as valuable as the languages themselves. What one may not be able to observe, learn, and utilize from me, she can possibly find what she needs from another. That goes for me, too. I browse the blogs and sites of others in my blog hopping. All information does not apply to me, but I pick and choose what I can use, what I need to hear, what I like, and what I can share on my own blog. It is okay!

If we all did the same things, the same ways, etc... How uninteresting would that be? I value one that can try some new things and find that it works for them. I have been a "booth judger" at times, myself, but... I can honestly say that I battle that in myself because I have seen, time and time again, that what works for me may not work for someone else, and vice a versa.

I hope that we can just enjoy this bilingual journey together. Appreciating each other's characters and perseverance and ingenuity, and, if nothing else, gaining support; and maybe even a friend.

Stroll with me, won't you?

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