Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Language, Music, & More has important definitions listed!! Go see!...

Here is a new blog that I found interesting, easy to follow, and full of great and useful information. http://languagemusicandmore.wordpress.com/

I was particularly interested in these definitions, listed HERE.

The post begins... "If you grew up in a bilingual environment, you probably never heard of these terms. However,in an education setting, teachers and speech therapists who work with bilingual children, use a lot of different terms that they should know in order to make the best assessments and eventually develop the appropriate program for these strudents. The following words are used to describe certain chracteristics of the very complicated bilingual language acquisition!"

The definitions, very simply put, will cover these following words:

Passively Bilingual

Language Loss (or language attrition)

Code Switching


critical period hypothesis

These are "just to name a few", as this blog writer says that there are others that will be mentioned in the future. I think these are definitely worth knowing and understanding. Happy learning!!

By the way, I was particulary ECSTATIC over the definition for "Code Switching". The writer said, "mixing languages in the same sentence or conversation. This is very important to understand when working with children who are bilingual. It can be seen as lacking enough language skills in both languages. However, when a bilingual person can switch between two languages, it means that their skills are proficient enough to be able to manipulate the languages in different ways."

I find that to be SUCH A relief. Thank you!

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