Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spel Chek, Enywon?... ;-)

Looks like a text message I might send if it is too long, and I want to send it in a short way. But, I don't think I really want to make it a habit in the every day language and spelling department. I really have observed a text-message generation slowly lose their ability and pride in being able to spell simple words. It is not an inability to read, but I believe it is more a lack of accountabity to doing our best no matter what. We have become lazy. "Practice makes perfect" is a phrase of the past. Sad, as the English language is so full of beautiful possibilities. We lose a bit of its beauty in the continuing popularity of communication by texting. I see it emails, and have even heard people SAY text message in everyday language. Weird. hahahahah... Anyway, there is a place for it, certainly. I use it, too, but... Let us not forget the joy of the written word for what it was meant to be. Greatness isn't great with an eight stuck in the middle. It just looks slapped together and very sloppy. (gr8ness) My little vent... Done now. :-)

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