Sunday, May 1, 2011

Introductory Comment... Welcome!!!

Welcome to Tongue-Tried Bilinguist!!!

You may be wondering where the name comes from, and so that is how I will begin this blog, explaining just that. Yesterday I was pondering some recent challenges that have prompted me to search the World Wide Web for resources and information regarding Italian-American kids. I found plenty on French and Spanish, and some other languages, but I did not find as much for this mix of languages. I know that I have felt very "tried" in the area of learning the language myself. I have wept many tears, and often felt very frustrated, especially in regards to trying to help my kids get through school. I thought of using the word "tongue-tied", but it was not sufficient for what I want to express. So "tongue-tried" was birthed in my mind wanderings yesterday. I like it, and I think it can allow for many different outlets of conversation and trains of thought, while helping to remind me to stay on a certain discussion course.

My family and I live here in Italy, and we are currently being challenged in the area of bilingualism mixed with the character of a child and learning methods of a child. I have searched the web and wracked my brain for ideas that can help me and my kids along the way. Issues like comprehension and dialogue delays have come up, and I have begun to look for educational and fun ways to supplement what they are getting/or NOT getting at school. I have had a hard time of it.

So, in an effort to remember what I have been learning, and hopefully, to help someone else along the way, I will post what has been fun or interesting to learn on this bilingual journey.

I hope you will join with me, and that we can create a very interesting place to learn and grow together. Have a great day!


P.S. I am open to any resources, activities, stories, songs, games, or printables even if they are regarding another language, like Spanish, French, etc... I can look at them, and then see if they can be adjusted to fit to use for Italian-English. So, please DO pass appropriate information along. Thank you...

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  1. You are a brave mommy for taking on another blog! But i think your experience in this area may be helpful to other bilingually challenged!! I pray God gives you the resources and all the tools you need to continue the journey you began when you moved to Italy. And may those who have a little more experience make their way to this blog to add their own "spice" on the issue :)