Wednesday, May 4, 2011

# 2 Where To Find Cheap Reading Material In My Little Corner Of Southern Italy...

So, I have been wracking my brain trying to remember all of the little things I have been stewing on for the last few months.

Here are some other ideas for cheap reading material that can aid in your Italian-language library supplementation:

1-2) Sometimes when I go to the Pediatrician they have a pile of magazines in "ommaggio", free, to parents. It is not a frequent occurrence, but sometimes they have stories and fun activities included. I would prefer taking out those interesting pages, throwing out the rest and making a notebook/folder/three-ring binder of those stories and activities into a book all its own. Actually that can be done for ANY magazine, poems and stories printed off from the computer or found, etc... Either take a notebook and glue them in, or buy clear plastic sleeves to insert them into a 3-ring binder.

3)I keep all Sunday School workbooks for my kids. They get a book for every few months in which to do readings and activites. They are a GREAT source of condensed Bible stories, and the activities can be recopied, by hand if work is complete, onto plain white copy paper.

4)We have been investing in an Italian kid's magazine for my oldest boys called Fionda Junior. It is put out by a ministry for kids here in Italy called Associazione La Fionda Di Davide. The home page has a button where the site can be translated into English. Check the bottom right portion of the page. They have a store to purchase books and other things, teach courses for fun evangelism, have summer camp, etc... Their slogan is "Facciamo piu grande il mondo dei piccoli". More or less that means, "Let's build a bigger world for our little ones".

5) Government school here in Italy still have Catholic influence. Some teachers get a Catholic newspaper called Avvenire, and when they are done with the paper, my kids have often asked them if they can have it to bring home. Included in this newspaper is a children's section called Popotus (with a mascot of an hippopotomus, of course). While they are big on world/current events, sometimes a little too much for my taste, they often include fun and interesting things kids are doing around the world or fun and interesting facts in general. For example: Stories of kids making or having made history by impacting the world around them. There is also a space on the back for jokes and simple activities. I thought about taking the articles I really liked and making a three-ring binder of them or gluing them into a notebook so I can always have a reference to the stories that have made me smile, inpired, or moved. I will have to remember, though, to include where I found them, the date of the issue and other such information, in case I would like to refer to one of them in the future.

Well, I know that some of these ideas require a little hands-on work, but in the end, I will do what needs to be done, if I am desperate, interested, or needy enough. I DO put my kids wanting-to-keep artwork into notebooks. I have one, now beginning two, for each of my kids. We have a one-stop place to see some really fun stuff. And a great place to store artistic milestone memories. So, with a little effort and imagination that can also be done, homemade fashion, for reading material that does not come in an already complete book fashion. Make your own!! :-)

So, I just had a brainstorm idea for the next post... Stay tuned for more...

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